What’s up? The Friday links (60)

A long year ago, the last Friday links were published, a section I always liked and waited for during food coma or processing times. Christoph managed to find intriguing bits and pieces from the digital world of geosciences week after week. And now it’s me (and maybe with a little help from my friends), trying not only to follow-up but also to keep you updated and to keep the geoblogosphere interconnected. What a task! I’m already loving it.
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EGU is coming up – and we are part of the blogroll!

Austria Center Vienna (ACV)

Europe’s biggest geoscience conference, the EGU General Assembly 2014, is approaching! Held in Vienna, Austria since about ten years by the European Geoscience Union, it brings together loads and loads of scientists from even more scientific fields. It’s great to present your work to your scientific community (because it’s likely they are there) but it might be even more suitable to meet new people, who give you helpful or even challenging input for your work! Continue reading “EGU is coming up – and we are part of the blogroll!”

New App on Earthquake Environmental Effects (EEE) released

Imagine you live or work in a seismically active region. Imagine you work on paleoseismology, active tectonics, earthquake engineering and encounter an earthquake. And now imagine you stand in the field examining recent earthquake effects. You soon might think about an easy way to document your data to have it digitized right away! Now you can use your Android smartphone to map, categorize, describe and report Earthquake Environmental Effects (EEE). A new application has been released: Earthquake Geo Survey.

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