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EGU – it’s already Thursday!

What a week. I’ve seen loads and loads of interesting posters and met great people.

I haven’t come to blog more because one of my project colleagues was ill and couldn’t attend the meeting. Which meant that I had to prepare an oral! I got the slides and contents only yesterday – and had to work since to avoid severe PowerPoint karaoke. But I’m nearly done and invite all of you to my talk tomorrow, 4pm in G11:

Late-Quaternary morphodynamics of Ejina Basin, Inner Mongolia, China: Quantification of neotectonic subsidence and palaeohydrological implications
Kai Hartmann, Bernd Wünnemann, Klaus Reicherter, Andreas Rudersdorf, Maarten Blaauw, Bernhard Diekmann, Judith Bölscher, and Huayu Lu

Have you been to the cloud?

It turns out that it is… not a cloud. The EGU advertisement was so tantalizing that there was no other way than being disappointed. They managed to have a wooden box with three rooms. And every room has different sounds and light. But, unfortunately, you’re just in a small box. The best idea I heard was from a colleague who suggested to have a party inside, with all that fog and stroboscopic lights. We definetely have to ask the guys over at the Google exhibition a cloud-based party should definetely be on their agenda!

The Face of the Earth rock pile has aparrently not grown – and I don’t know why. But  what is really (!) cool, is the Waters of the Earth demonstration. They created a fluviatile ecosystem showing the water cycle with rain, ground water aquifers, tiny trees and plants. I didn’t take a picture yet so I will definetively have to hand that in later.

Poster session is over now, and Viennese food is waiting!

So long,

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Andreas Rudersdorf

Andreas Rudersdorf

loves finding and exploring faults using remote sensing and shallow geophysics. No matter if slowly active, buried or just undiscovered! He is studing neotectonics in the Gobi desert at RWTH Aachen University.

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