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EGU Monday

After a very nice Opening Reception yesterday, we today shift from “pure networking” to scientific talks and posters. The Earthquake Cycle session started off with highly interesting research on active tectonics in Central Asia and on the Chi-Chi and New Madrid EQs.

And since I cannot decide too well, I already switched sessions.

The theme of the meeting, The Face of the Earth, seems to be quite interactive. They managed to simulate a cloud where you can interactively experience atmospheric sciences! I am definetely going to see that, but I guess I will wait  until tomorrow or Wednesday to have a free spot. What I already saw was the collection of rocks from all participant countries. Every EGU attendee had the possibility to bring his favourite rock and show it to the communitiy. The pile of rocks is already quite decent – I wonder what it will look like by the end of the week.

EGU Today,  the daily newspaper, invites researchers to enhance their job application skills in the “Job market and careers” sessions. Tonight and tomorrow from 17:30 in room B1.

Don’t miss the official EGU blog GeoLog where they present the highlights of every day.

Quotes of the day (okay, the weekend):

“I was all fine but then I realized that all my figures have confidential industry data in the backgrounds. I have to start all over again!”

“Nah, why sould I ask my boss if he likes my poster BEFORE the conference?”

EGU Photo Competition

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Andreas Rudersdorf

Andreas Rudersdorf

loves finding and exploring faults using remote sensing and shallow geophysics. No matter if slowly active, buried or just undiscovered! He is studing neotectonics in the Gobi desert at RWTH Aachen University.

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