Special issue on sub-aquatic paleoseismology

A special issue on sub-aquatic paleoseismology has been published in Marine Geology. The volume 384 ‘Subaquatic paleoseismology: records of large Holocene earthquakes in marine and lacustrine sediments‘ collects papers on marine and lacustrine mass movements that can be used to decipher the earthquake history. The contributions span a wide range of different settings, from the famous Cascadia sites to Greece, and are based on presentations from the International Sedimentological Congress in Geneva (August 2014) and the AGU Fall Meeting in San Francisco (December 2014). Continue reading “Special issue on sub-aquatic paleoseismology”

What’s up? The Friday links (60)

A long year ago, the last Friday links were published, a section I always liked and waited for during food coma or processing times. Christoph managed to find intriguing bits and pieces from the digital world of geosciences week after week. And now it’s me (and maybe with a little help from my friends), trying not only to follow-up but also to keep you updated and to keep the geoblogosphere interconnected. What a task! I’m already loving it.
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Special Issue in NHESS on marine and lake paleoseismology

At the end of last year, NHESS published a Special Issue on marine and lake paleoseismology. The volume 154 is an outcome of the ESF meeting Submarine Paleoseismology: The Offshore Search of Large Holocene Earthquakes that was held in
Austria in September, 2010. Guest editors are D. Pantosti, E. Gràcia, G. Lamarche, and H. Nelson. The Special Issue is open access and contains 16 research papers on all kinds of research on paleoseismology offshore. Some of the papers have been published as early as 2012, but others came out few weeks ago. Continue reading “Special Issue in NHESS on marine and lake paleoseismology”

NHESS Special Issue on marine and lake paleoseismology

Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences (NHESS) has just published a new issue with lots of papers on marine and lake paleoseismology. So enough stuff for a good read on a cold and rainy autumn evening. The Special issue was edited by Daniela Pantosti, Eulàlia Gràcia, Geoffroy Lamarche, and Hans Nelson, and is an outcome of the European Science Foundation Research Conference: Submarine Paleoseismology – The Offshore Search of Large Holocene Earthquakes; Obergurgl, Austria, 11-16 September 2010. All articles are availabe for free download! Open access rules! Continue reading “NHESS Special Issue on marine and lake paleoseismology”