NHESS Special Issue on marine and lake paleoseismology

Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences (NHESS) has just published a new issue with lots of papers on marine and lake paleoseismology. So enough stuff for a good read on a cold and rainy autumn evening. The Special issue was edited by Daniela Pantosti, Eulàlia Gràcia, Geoffroy Lamarche, and Hans Nelson, and is an outcome of the European Science Foundation Research Conference: Submarine Paleoseismology – The Offshore Search of Large Holocene Earthquakes; Obergurgl, Austria, 11-16 September 2010. All articles are availabe for free download! Open access rules!


  • Assessing enigmatic boulder deposits in NE Aegean Sea: importance of historical sources as tool to support hydrodynamic equations. M. Vacchi, A. Rovere, N. Zouros, and M. Firpo.
  • Geological record of tsunami inundations in Pantano Morghella (south-eastern Sicily) both from near and far-field sources. F. Gerardi, A. Smedile, C. Pirrotta, M. S. Barbano, P. M. De Martini, S. Pinzi, A. M. Gueli, G. M. Ristuccia, G. Stella, and S. O. Troja.
  • The earthquake sedimentary record in the western part of the Sea of Marmara, Turkey. L. Drab, A. Hubert Ferrari, S. Schmidt, and P. Martinez.
  • Active tectonics along the submarine slope of south-eastern Sicily and the source of the 11 January 1693 earthquake and tsunami. A. Argnani, A. Armigliato, G. Pagnoni, F. Zaniboni, S. Tinti, and C. Bonazzi.
  • Identification of deep subaqueous co-seismic scarps through specific coeval sedimentation in Lesser Antilles: implication for seismic hazard. C. Beck, J.-L. Reyss, F. Leclerc, E. Moreno, N. Feuillet, L. Barrier, F. Beauducel, G. Boudon, V. Clément, C. Deplus, N. Gallou, J.-F. Lebrun, A. Le Friant, A. Nercessian, M. Paterne, T. Pichot, and C. Vidal.
  • Late Holocene landscape change history related to the Alpine Fault determined from drowned forests in Lake Poerua, Westland, New Zealand. R. M. Langridge, R. Basili, L. Basher, and A. P. Wells.
  • Building an 18 000-year-long paleo-earthquake record from detailed deep-sea turbidite characterisation in Poverty Bay, New Zealand. H. Pouderoux, G. Lamarche, and J.-N. Proust.
  • Searching for the seafloor signature of the 21 May 2003 Boumerdès earthquake offshore central Algeria. A. Cattaneo, N. Babonneau, G. Ratzov, G. Dan-Unterseh, K. Yelles, R. Bracène, B. Mercier de Lépinay, A. Boudiaf, and J. Déverchère.
  • Active faults and historical earthquakes in the Messina Straits area (Ionian Sea). A. Polonia, L. Torelli, L. Gasperini, and P. Mussoni.
  • Combining inland and offshore paleotsunamis evidence: the Augusta Bay (eastern Sicily, Italy) case study. A. Smedile, P. M. De Martini, and D. Pantosti.
  • Quaternary active tectonic structures in the offshore Bajo Segura basin (SE Iberian Peninsula – Mediterranean Sea). H. Perea, E. Gràcia, P. Alfaro, R. Bartolomé, C. Lo Iacono, X. Moreno, E. Masana, and EVENT-SHELF Team.

Check the journal website for free download and more information.

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