Special issue on sub-aquatic paleoseismology

A special issue on sub-aquatic paleoseismology has been published in Marine Geology. The volume 384 ‘Subaquatic paleoseismology: records of large Holocene earthquakes in marine and lacustrine sediments‘ collects papers on marine and lacustrine mass movements that can be used to decipher the earthquake history. The contributions span a wide range of different settings, from the famous Cascadia sites to Greece, and are based on presentations from the International Sedimentological Congress in Geneva (August 2014) and the AGU Fall Meeting in San Francisco (December 2014).

Table of contents:

  • De Batist, M., Talling, P., Strasser, M., & Girardclos, S. (2017). Subaquatic paleoseismology: records of large Holocene earthquakes in marine and lacustrine sediments. Marine Geology, 384, 1-3.
  • Goldfinger, C., Galer, S., Beeson, J., Hamilton, T., Black, B., Romsos, C., … & Morey, A. (2016). The importance of site selection, sediment supply, and hydrodynamics: A case study of submarine paleoseismology on the Northern Cascadia margin, Washington USA. Marine Geology.
  • Migeon, S., Garibaldi, C., Ratzov, G., Schmidt, S., Collot, J. Y., Zaragosi, S., & Texier, L. (2016). Earthquake-triggered deposits in the subduction trench of the North Ecuador/South Colombia margin and their implication for paleoseismology. Marine Geology.
  • Babonneau, N., Cattaneo, A., Ratzov, G., Déverchère, J., Yelles-Chaouche, A., Lateb, T., & Bachir, R. S. (2016). Turbidite chronostratigraphy off Algiers, central Algerian margin: A key for reconstructing Holocene paleo-earthquake cycles. Marine Geology.
  • Beckers, A., Beck, C., Hubert-Ferrari, A., Reyss, J. L., Mortier, C., Albini, P., … & Crouzet, C. (2016). Sedimentary impacts of recent moderate earthquakes from the shelves to the basin floor in the western Gulf of Corinth. Marine Geology.
  • Praet, N., Moernaut, J., Van Daele, M., Boes, E., Haeussler, P. J., Strupler, M., … & De Batist, M. (2016). Paleoseismic potential of sublacustrine landslide records in a high-seismicity setting (south-central Alaska). Marine Geology.
  • Lajeunesse, P., Sinkunas, B., Morissette, A., Normandeau, A., Joyal, G., St-Onge, G., & Locat, J. (2016). Large-scale seismically-induced mass-movements in a former glacial lake basin: Lake Témiscouata, Northeastern Appalachians (Eastern Canada). Marine Geology.
  • Pope, E. L., Talling, P. J., & Carter, L. (2016). Which earthquakes trigger damaging submarine mass movements: Insights from a global record of submarine cable breaks?. Marine Geology.
  • Gavey, R., Carter, L., Liu, J. T., Talling, P. J., Hsu, R., Pope, E., & Evans, G. (2016). Frequent sediment density flows during 2006 to 2015, triggered by competing seismic and weather events: Observations from subsea cable breaks off southern Taiwan. Marine Geology.
  • Moernaut, J., Van Daele, M., Strasser, M., Clare, M. A., Heirman, K., Viel, M., … & Urrutia, R. (2015). Lacustrine turbidites produced by surficial slope sediment remobilization: A mechanism for continuous and sensitive turbidite paleoseismic records. Marine Geology.
  • Polonia, A., Nelson, C. H., Romano, S., Vaiani, S. C., Colizza, E., Gasparotto, G., & Gasperini, L. (2016). A depositional model for seismo-turbidites in confined basins based on Ionian Sea deposits. Marine Geology.
  • San Pedro, L., Babonneau, N., Gutscher, M. A., & Cattaneo, A. (2016). Origin and chronology of the Augias deposit in the Ionian Sea (Central Mediterranean Sea), based on new regional sedimentological data. Marine Geology.
  • Usami, K., Ikehara, K., Jenkins, R. G., & Ashi, J. (2016). Benthic foraminiferal evidence of deep-sea sediment transport by the 2011 Tohoku-oki earthquake and tsunami. Marine Geology.
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