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  • What’s up? The Friday links (63)

    A short week full of Christmas events and defenses and farewells has passed here at my university, so this round-up is also to remind myself what I’ve missed… Today is Friday and here are your links!


  • What’s up? The Friday links (38)

    Annals of Geophysics (former Annali di Geofisica) published a special volume “Geoethics and geological culture. Reflections from the Geoitalia Conference 2011“. This is pretty interesting for us bloggers, topics include:

    • Geoethics and geological culture: methods, goals and values able to influence society
    • Geoethical implications in risks and geo-resources management
    • Communication and education related to geosciences in a geoethical perspective
    • Geoheritage and geodiversity as values for sustainability

    Even more interesting for me is a special issue yet to come: “The Emilia seismic sequence of May-June, 2012: preliminary data and results”. Paper submission deadline: July 22, 2012.  more

  • The Wednesday Centerfault (8) – Virginia M5.8 Earthquake

    Yesterday, a magnitude 5.8 earthquake happened near Mineral, Virginia in a depth of 6 km only (37.936°N, 77.933°W) with a thrust faulting mechanism. Media report that the quake was felt as far as Boston and even Canada to the north, but significantly less far away in southern direction. The US East Coast quakes are normally felt in a wide range, since the crust there is old, cold and dense which makes it easy for the seismic waves to propagate. Some damage occurred at the epicentral area, but apparently there were no fatalities. From the earthquake effects (Chimneys collapsed, walls cracked, some springs showed changes) and instrumental measurements an epicentral intensity of VII can be determined. more