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  • Paleoseismicity at the EGU2011

    Now the EGU2011 in Vienna is over. Thousands of scientists have attended the meeting and more than 13,000 abstratcs were presented. Approx. 20,000 portions of Gulasz and 100,000 Wiener Schnitzels were served, hektoliters of wine and beer went down the throats of thirsty scientists. Some people say the EGU contributes with 10% to the income of Vienna’s bartenders. Several contributions dealt with paleoseismology, paleoseismicity, archeoseismology and paleotsunamis especially on Monday and Friday. more

  • What’s up? The Friday links (7)

    Albini made forensic studies on the origin of “fake” earthquakes in historical catalogues and shows  in her new paper how the 1272 earthquake “happens”. I like the paper as it provides some insights in the structure of earthquake catalogues and their interactions. It shows how historical and paleoseismological studies may complement each other.