What’s up? The Friday links (7)

Albini made forensic studies on the origin of “fake” earthquakes in historical catalogues and shows  in her new paper how the 1272 earthquake “happens”. I like the paper as it provides some insights in the structure of earthquake catalogues and their interactions. It shows how historical and paleoseismological studies may complement each other.
NASA’s Terra satellite observed a pyroclastic flow at the Shiveluch vulcano in Kamchatka/Russia. The pyroclastic flow was detected by its heat signature on the thermal infrared sensor. An image can be found on NASA’s Earth Observatory.

Brian Romans asks on Clastic Detritus if graphical abstracts are an good idea? As an example he took the graphical abstract of Konstantinovskaya & Malavieile (2010) in Tectonophysics. I think it is a nice idea, especially for that nice profiles with stacks and ramps. However the information content regarding location and context is limited and therefore for me a nice add-on but not an alternative.

Do you know what cryoseism is? If you are from Maine in the US you might know, otherwise you can find the explanation from the Maine Geological Survey here.

Very nice posts/images from our planet showing geomorphological feature are on Pathological Geomorphology. My favorite from a fast went through was this.

As numbers become more and more important in academics (number of papers, number of contracts, …) here are some numbers from paleoseismicity.org. We have now 105 followers on facebook, 15 on twitter (since last week) and currently three active authors. So we are hopefully on a good way to keep in contact with you and share some intersting content. Anyhow do not miss the Corinth Meeting in September for which registration is now open

Have a nice weekend!

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