We are mobile now !

As already today a notably number of users visits paleoseismicity.org using their mobile device we now offer a mobile version of this site. Just enter http://m.paleoseismicity.org in your mobile browser and enjoy a small screen optimized version of this blog.

Please note that paleoseismicity mobile is still in beta. Although we testet it on the most common devices like Apple iPhone or Android operated systems the site might nevertheless not perform appropriately on some of the countless devices.

If you identify some obvious rendering mistakes we ask you to drop a line in the comments field. Please specify your device and your operating system, and your screen resolution to help us fixing this problem. Furthermore you would also help us when sharing the information that everything works well.

This site is not meant for iPad, Galaxy Tab or other Tablet PC users. The standard version of paleoseismicity.org will be rendered fine on your tablet.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Various Authors

Various Authors

We had to delete several users because of a security issue. All their contributions are collected under the name Various Authors to at least preserve the content.

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