The Wednesday Centerfault (2)

This week´s Centerfault is not a single fault or scarp but a very nice view from normal faults in an staircase style in the channel of Corinth (Corinth Canal), Greece (37.55°N, 22.59°E).The image shows the nice faults, which outcrop in the embankments of the channel.

Last movements on this faults occurred during the 1981 earthquake, when some of them widened and showed an offset of some centimeters. However, this movements were produced passively as the hypocenter was 20 km to the west and the faults are perpendicular to the major active fault systems.

The following figure shows an interpretation of the faults and movements from the picture above.

A nice introduction into the situation at the Channel of Corinth is given by Ioannis Papanikolau in the following video.

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Tomas Fernandez-Steeger

Tomas Fernandez-Steeger

is lecturer and senior researcher at the Department of Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology, RWTH Aachen University.

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