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  • Special Issue in JSAES: Hazardous Faults in Latin America

    A new Special Issue has just been published in the Journal of South American Earth Sciences: Hazardous Faults in Latin America. The issue contains 16 research papers and an editorial. It was edited by Carlos Costa and Laurence Audin. The issue collects highly interesting contributions from all across the continent. Although subduction megaquakes on the Chilean Trench come with the highest magnitudes, onshore faults pose a significant hazard and historical events have had catastrophic consequences. Also, studying crustal earthquakes and faults is a pre-requisite for understanding crustal deformation, mountain building, and the landscape response to tectonics. Read the Special Issue now, because all papers are free to access via ScienceDirect until 20 Jan 2022.

  • New Latin American Association of Tectonics – 1st Symposium on Southamerican Tectonics

    The Latin American Association of Tectonics has recently been founded in order “to help the exchange of ideas and facilitate collaborations of tectonic studies in South America. The Latin American Association of Tectonics consists of researchers from universities and institutes interested in South America tectonic studies, and regarding Andean or pre-Andean tectonics.” See their website here. They organise the 1st South American Tectonic Symposium to take place from 16-20 November, 2016, in Santiago (Chile). The event will be held at the Faculty of Physical Sciences and Mathematics, University of Chile in Santiago, Chile. more

  • Call for papers: Regional moment tensors and stress field in South and Central America

    Our colleague Franck Audemard spread the news that a special issue of the Journal of South American Earth Sciences (SAMES) will be published on “Regional moment tensors and stress field in South and Central America”. Given the success of the RMTS (Regional Moment-Tensor Solution) session in the IASPEI Regional Assembly in Bogotá, last July, a special issue is now planned on all aspects of moment-tensors and stress field. more