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  • Large-amplitude changes in water-levels facilitate earthquake-triggered mass failures in the Dead Sea Basin

    A recent study investigated seismogenic mass failure deposits that were preserved in a 457-m deep ICDP drilling (220-0 ka) from the Dead Sea depocenter. The study conducted a critical assessment and testing of the links between the occurrence of seismogenic mass failure, changes in water-level, and sedimentation rate driven by a changing climate.

    1. Key Points:
    • At the orbital- and millennial-scale, variable sedimentation rates are not a preconditioning factor for earthquake-triggered mass failures
    • At the centennial- to decadal-scale, earthquake-triggered mass failures are not statistically correlated with lake-level state
    • At the orbital- and millennial-scale, the mass failures are more frequent during lake-level high-stands with large-amplitude fluctuations