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  • GSA 2021 session: T11. Recent to Long-Term Slip Histories of Active Faults and Folds in Cascadia

    This is an interesting topical session at the GSA 2021 meeting:

    ‘T11. Recent to Long-Term Slip Histories of Active Faults and Folds in Cascadia’  

    at the 2021 Annual Meeting of the Geological Society of America. We hope to attract a diverse array of talks that explore the faults and folds in the upper plate of the Cascadia subduction zone that are both active and have protracted histories of fault slip. We welcome submissions summarizing recent tectonic geomorphologic, paleoseismologic, geodetic, seismic reflection, and other data that characterize deformation of Quaternary-active structures and seek contributions from geologic, geophysical, and related research that examines the longer-term history of active faults. We particularly invite studies in the forearc, arc, and backarc of Cascadia that bridge the gap between Quaternary evidence of fault activity with longer records of fault slip that may address the consistency of slip rates over time and the timing of fault/fold initiation. 

  • USGS Mendenhall Fellowship Opportunity – Cascadia Marine Geohazards

    USGS is currently recruiting a Mendenhall Postdoctoral Fellow for a project on Marine Geohazards of the Cascadia Subduction Zone, with three general areas of interest: the relationship of Quaternary sediment distribution and stratigraphy to seafloor processes and earthquake history; links between tectonic geomorphology, upper plate structure, and deeper subduction processes; and the influence of fluids and 3D structural interactions on the mechanics of subduction zone forearcs.

    A full description of the opportunity is available here:

    General information about the Mendenhall Fellowship program:

    An info flyer about our Marine Geohazards project:

    Potential applicants may contact Jenna Hill ( or one of the other research advisors associated with this project prior to putting together their research proposal.

  • What’s up? The Friday links (85)

    News on the Cascadia Subduction Zone, Mars, North Anatolia, the Half Dome, “killer quakes” and more. Today is Friday and here are your links!


  • More papers to read during your holidays

    A good number of interesting papers has been published during the last months, related to active tectonics, paleoseismology and tsunami research. Study sites include Oman, Italy, New Zealand, California, Cascadia, Scotia Sea, and Central Asia. Enjoy reading and tell me, if you miss some publications here!


  • PhD position available at URI: Paleoseismology of the Cascadian Subduction Zone

    The Sea Level Research laboratory in the Department of Geosciences at the University of Rhode Island is looking to recruit a PhD student to work on an NSF funded project focused on paleoseismology of the Cascadia subduction zone.
    The project involves collaboration with Rutgers University, University of North Carolina Wilmington, and the United States Geological Survey. The position can start as early as September 1st 2014. more