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  • New paper: Active faults in the Bolivian Amazon

    The Bolivian Amazon is a vast plain with almost zero topography. It hosts a huge and dynamic river system on the east side of the Andes. So far, little was known about the active tectonics of the area. In a new paper, Umberto Lombardo and I show that there are active faults parallel to the Andes, and also perpendicular to the mountain front. We used the TanDEM-X DEM and geomorphological analyses of the fluvial system to investigate the faults and their impact on river dynamics. We show that in such a low-relief setting, dip-slip earthquakes can catastrophically change river courses. If you don’t have the time to read the full paper, here’s a short summary.

  • New papers on paleoseismology, earthquakes, and active tectonics (Jul 2021)

    Interested in the active tectonics of the Bolivian Amazon? In remote sensing of surface ruptures? In tsunami deposits & turbidites? In archaeoseismology & creeping faults? Then check out the latest papers and find new studies on these topics and much more!