Inqua Rome 2023 congress: abstract submission is open!

The XXI Inqua congress will take place in Rome in July 2023. Don’t forget to submit your abstract, deadline is November 1st, 2022! Submit your abstract here

Below are some highlights on sessions centered on earthquakes, active faulting and tectonic stuff, but remember to check the full list – 209 proposed sessions!


Session 4: Bridging earthquakes over time scales – from the seismic cycle to Quaternary landscape evolution: contributions from the EDITH INQUA-TERPRO-Terrestrial Processes, Deposits and History Project

Conveners: Franz Livio, Sambit Prasanajit Naik, Shalev Siman-Tov, Zoe Mildon, Shreya Aro


Session 34: Discussion Panel on Assessing Fault Capability in Different Geodynamic and Environmental Settings

Conveners: Leonello Serva, Paula Marques Figueiredo, Alexandra Sarmiento, Livio Bonadeo


Session 38: Reconciling deformation through Geomorphology, Active tectonics and Paleoseismology investigations along the India plate

Conveners: Tejpal Singh, C P Rajendran, Riccardo Caputo


Session 47: The geological record of capable faults

Conveners: Stéphane Baize, Paolo Boncio, Oona Scotti, Riccardo Caputo


Session 78: Subduction zone palaeoseismology

Conveners: Emma Hocking, Ed Garrett, Jasper Moernaut


Session 97: Mediterranean Islands: tectonics, climate, sea level, chronology, evolution, & archaeology of a Quaternary “Galapagos”

Conveners: Eleanor Scerri, Victoria Herridge, Alexandra van der Geer, David Richards, Georgios Lyras, Marco Meschis


Session 107: More than the sum: fault re-ruptures and cumulative damage during seismic sequences

Conveners: Maria Francesca Ferrario, Jeremy Rimando, Giorgio Tringali, Sotiris Valkaniotis, Magdalena Velazquez-Bucio


Session 114: Multi-scale active fault parameters and fault-based seismic hazard assessments: a Fault2SHA challenge

Conveners: Francesco Iezzi, Jenni Robertson, Alessandro Valentini, Joanna Faure Walker, Francesco Visini


Session 123: Advances in tectonic geomorphology, paleoseismology, and multi-disciplinary active fault studies

Conveners: Christoph Grützner, Tamarah King, John Dale B. Dianala, Léa Pousse-Beltran


Session 154: Quaternary research in South America: paleoclimate, tectonic, volcanic and surface

Conveners: Daniela M. Kröhling, Valdir F. Novello, Alexandra Alvarado, Stella M. Moreiras, Silvana Hidalgo


Session 176: Tectonic and Climate-driven Landscape Evolution a never-ending challenge for modern society (Thoughts from LEMON project, INQUA – AIQUA)

Conveners: Nicolò Parrino, Eshaan Srivastava, Pierfrancesco Burrato, Javed N. Malik, Simona Todaro


Session 178: TRAVITONICS twenty years later: the remarkable role of travertine in decoding big geological events from the past

Conveners: Andrea Brogi, Cihat Alçiçek, Enrico Capezzuoli, Volkan Karabacak, Tonguc Uysal


Session 179: From coastal geomorphology to earthquake hazard (F-Coast2EHZ): new perspectives and multidisciplinary approaches

Conveners: Cengiz Yildirim, Julius Jara-Munoz, Konstantinos Tsanakas, Simone Racano


Session 184: Seismic hazard assessment in populated areas of Latin America: incorporating seismogenic faults

Conveners: María Ortuño, Magdalena Velázquez-Bucio, Pierre Lacan, Octavi Gómez-Novell, Stella Moreiras


Session 185: Active faults evolution: revelations from different timescales

Conveners: Irene Puliti, Lucilla Benedetti, Joanna Faure Walker, Alberto Pizzi


Session 204: Late Quaternary Faulting and Earthquake Geology in volcanic areas

Conveners: Rosa Nappi, Alessandro Maria Michetti, Raúl Pérez López, Gianluca Groppelli, Sabina Porfido, Thomas Walter


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I work at the Insubria University in Como, Italy ( I'm interested in active tectonics and late Quaternary environmental evolution aimed at mitigatin natural hazards.

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