Fault ruptures of 18 normal and strike-slip earthquakes

While working on my project on distributed faulting, I dig into the literature looking for additional case studies beside those contained in the SURE (SUrface Ruptures due to Earthquakes) database.

I retrieved information on 18 normal and strike-slip events occurred between 1905 and 2011, with a magnitude range of Mw 5.9 – 8.3. I digitized rupture traces from published maps at a variable scale, dependent on the resolution of the original map. Earthquakes are from Iran (7 events), Mongolia, China, Turkey, Greece (2 events for each country), Italy, Kenya and Japan (1 event).

Figure 1: The analyzed events
Figure 2: Example for the 1970 Gediz (Turkey) event. Rupture traces after Ambraseys & Tchalenko (1972).

The dataset is freely available on Zenodo at this link. The shapefile contains exclusively the ruptured segments, digitized from published maps – no data on amount of displacement are included.

The dataset may enlarge the number of case histories of the worldwide and unified fault displacement database (SURE database) and hopefully will be useful for the development of the next generation of scaling relations.

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I work at the Insubria University in Como, Italy (http://perigeo.uninsubria.it/) I'm interested in active tectonics and late Quaternary environmental evolution aimed at mitigatin natural hazards.

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