CETEG 2024

Hotel Srebrna Krótka 1, Srebrna Góra, Poland

The 20th Anniversary CETEG meeting (Central European Tectonic Group) will take place in the Sudetes Mountains, in the village of Srebrna Góra, near the town of Ząbkowice Śląskie, ca. 65 km S of Wrocław from  24–27 April 2024. The meeting is organized by Structural Geology and Geohazards Research Group of the Polish Geological Society. The 1st circular with more details will be sent out to you shortly before Christmas.

12th PATA Days

Los Andes Los Andes, Chile

The 12th international PATA Days will be held in Los Andes, Chile, 6-11 October, 2024. PATA stands for Paleoseismology, Active Tectonics, Archaeoseismology and it is the main activity of the paleoseismology community within INQUA’s TERPRO commission.