A WeChat platform for Paleoseismicity.org

To increase the visibility of activities of Paleoseismicity.org to Chinese in China and around the world and to promote potential interactions with Chinese, I opened an account for Paleoseismicity.org on the WeChat platform last week. The account was named “古地震”. (“古地震” means “paleoseismicity” in English).

Fig. 1. The interface of the account on the WeChat platform.

The account will run as Paleoseismicity.org (中国), retweet all news/blogs/papers…that released on the website of Paleoseismicity.org, and share and exchange important research progress in this field (in Chinese). (“中国” means “China”)

Fig.2. The QR-Code of the account “古地震” on the WeChat platform.

Everybody can access it by scanning the QR-code if she/he has a WeChat installed on a smartphone.

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Yin Lu

Yin Lu

Dr. Yin Lu, Tongji University. He focuses on subaqueous paleoseismology & sedimentary processes. Received EGU SSP (Stratigraphy, Sedimentology and Palaeontology) Division Outstanding Early Career Scientist Award (2022).

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