New archaeoseismology paper in Geoarchaeology

A new article on archaeoseismology appeared yesterday in Geoarchaeology’s Early View section. In this paper, Karabacak and colleagues present archaeoseismological evidence in the Roman stadium of ancient Kibyra (southwest Turkey). Earthquake archaeological damage includes surface faulting, systematically collapsed columns, dilated and collapsed walls, as well as rotated and displaced blocks. Their study suggests that a previously unknown seismic event (Io = VIII-IX) may have struck this region of Turkey around the 10-11 th century AD.


Karabacak, V., Önder, Y., Dökü, E., Kıyak, N.G., Altunel, E., Özüdoğru, Ş., Yalçıner, C.Ç. & Akyüz, H.S., 2013. Analyses of Seismic Deformation at the Kibyra Roman Stadium, Southwest Turkey. Geoarchaeology: An International Journal 00 (2013) 1-13.


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