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Dear friends and colleagues,

I am more than happy to announce that on last Monday (June 20, 2011) Christoph obtained his doctoral degree from the RWTH Aachen University in Geosciences. Most of you know him as very active person in this forum,  as a thoughtful scientist and as a friend. Christoph wrote his thesis on “The Baelo Claudia earthquake problem” by means of geological, geophysical, archaeoseismological and palaeoseismological investigations.

The little Roman village Baelo Claudia was in 2009 the place, where we met in our first paleoseismicity meeting. Christoph received the highest degree “summa cum laude” by the referees of the committee Prof. Janos Urai (Aachen), Prof. Manuel Sintubin (Leuven, Belgium), Prof. Pablo Silva (Avila, Spain) and myself.
You will find here some photos of Christoph and his working areas over the last five years. And the last photo is NOT Lionel Messi, its Chris.


Dr. Grützner!


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Klaus Reicherter

Klaus Reicherter

is professor of Neotectonics and Natural Hazards at RWTH Aachen University

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  • Martin Schmidt | 2011-06-23|13:55 (UTC)

    Congratulations again! Doc Grütze! 😉

  • Klaus Baier | 2011-06-23|15:27 (UTC)


  • Meike fernandez-Steeger | 2011-06-24|20:16 (UTC)

    Felicidades, lieber Christoph!

  • Carolin | 2011-06-26|07:10 (UTC)

    Herr Doktor, congratulations on your graduation!!!

  • Anja | 2011-06-26|08:26 (UTC)

    Well done, Dr. Grütze! Did they give you some “tzatziki” on top of it? Like the t-shirt you wear in the first shot 😉

  • Rauliten | 2011-06-28|10:57 (UTC)

    Felicidades “Dr.” Grützner!!

  • Simon | 2011-06-29|14:29 (UTC)

    Congratiolations! Way to go!

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