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Workshop ‘Tectonic and geodynamic evolution of Eastern Iran’, 2-6 November, 2015

The workshop “Tectonic and geodynamic evolution of Eastern Iran” will be held in both Tehran (2 Nov) and Birjand (3-6 Nov). It will comprise 3 days of field excursion around Birjand showcasing the variety of Sistan’s geological highlights (from ophiolites, deformation events, sedimentary basins to ore-mineralizations), that will be open to ~60 people. 


  • Halfway between the Zagros mountains and the Himalayas, the Sistan region represents a major geological landmark of Eastern Iran and a crucial witness of both Iran tectonics and regional-scale geodynamics. Extending for more than 700 km, the Sistan is regarded as a Mesozoic branch of the Neotethys later turned to a collisional orogenic belt, but no comprehensive tectonic and geodynamic investigations were conducted since early geological mappings in the late 1970’s. Major first-order tectonic and geodynamic uncertainties remain, regarding the regional-scale paleogeography, nature and origin of Sistan’s ophiolites, the timing of closure and collision, etc.
  • This workshop will address regional-scale tectonics and basin evolution (both Middle-east and Iran), active deformation and key geodynamic processes (opening and closure of back-arcs, upper plate deformation, obduction processes, exhumation of HP rocks, mélange formation, ‘mild’ collision, etc). The aim of the workshop is to review our present knowledge, stimulate ideas and foster research projects on the geological evolution of Eastern Iran.


  • If you are interested in attending, please contact the workshop organizers and submit a brief statement of interest by May 31st to  philippe.agard@upmc.fr
  • We encourage applications from early-stage researchers and plan to support 10 young participants for registration costs, thanks to the support of the International Lithosphere Program Task Force IX. Applicants should submit a brief statement of interest and a short CV. They will be informed of the outcome by mid June.
  • Standard registration fees (including internal flights to/from Birjand, accomodation in both Tehran and Birjand, and participation to the costs of the field excursion) are 300$.
  • The Geological Survey of Iran will take care of invitations for issuing visas.
  • Pre-registration deadline: May 31, 2015
  • Registration deadline: June 30, 2015



Scientific Committee

M. Bröcker (Univ Münster), E. Saccani (Univ. Ferrara), M. Khatib (Univ. Birjand), R. Walker (Univ. Oxford), F. Rossetti (Univ. Roma 3), J.P. Burg (ETH Zürich), S-L. Chung (NTU Taipei), B. Vrielynck (UPMC Paris), Ling CHEN (IGG-CAS, Beijing)

Organizing Committee

J. Omrani (GSI, Tehran), P. Agard (UPMC, Paris), M. Zarrinkoub (U. Birjand) and H. Whitechurch (U. Strasbourg)


Download the flyer here: flyer Iran (PDF, 2.5 MB)

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