What’s up? The Friday links (69)

Temperatures were falling the last days and it’s not only quite cold, but I catched a cold the last days. Let’s see what we can do here. Today is Friday and since I’m sitting at the airport without proper WiFi, this Friday Links post will be… lacking links. Here is your Friday!

I’m on my way to the Deform 2015 Winter School in Barcelonette we announced earlier in the Southern French Alps (“quite a small nice town lost in the mountains”, Y. Klinger) with speakers from all over France, USA and Singapore. This thematic school will be on
  • Geodesy,
  • Earthquake Seismology,
  • Geomorphology,
  • Dating Techniques & Paleoseismology,
  • Rheology & Earthquake Cycle Modeling,
  • Seismic Hazard Analysis.
Quite a lot, isn’t it? The schedule is quite full, so I have to see if I can keep you updated during the next days.
And now, to entertain you, some photos from my last field trips:
Moon Hill, China

Moon Hill, China

Location of submerged Roman fish tanks in Matala, Crete

Location of submerged Roman fish tanks in Matala, Crete

Landslide in southern China

Landslide in southern China


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Andreas Rudersdorf

Andreas Rudersdorf

loves finding and exploring faults using remote sensing and shallow geophysics. No matter if slowly active, buried or just undiscovered! He is studing neotectonics in the Gobi desert at RWTH Aachen University.

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