What’s up? The Friday links (16)

Cyprus explosion caused an M3.0 earthquake: On 11 July, a catastrophe took place in southern Cyprus. 2,000 tons of amunition confiscated from an Iranian ship on its way to Syria exploded. 13 people were killed and the military base and a neighbouring power plant were destroyed. Seismographs have registered the shock as an earthquake with magnitude ML3.0.

Happy New Year, Neptune! One year ago, Neptune was discovered by Johann Galle. Well,  one Neptune year ago, which is 164.8 earth years.

The best video of the lunar eclipse on 11 June, 2011 came up now via Starobserver: Total Lunar Eclipse In Tajikistan from Jean-Luc Dauvergne on Vimeo.

Mount Lokon on the Sulawesi island of Indonesia had a number of eruptions during the last weeks, now 1,000 people are forced to flee the area.

On 12 July, an earthquake with M2.8 happened in Serbia (43.73°N; 20.71°E, 6 km depth). The event is said to have caused intensitiy V! Do you think this can be true?

(Image and earthquake information from EMSC)

Do you really know what you are allowed to do with GoogleEarth data? Better check:

Some news from my work group: We now share a YouTube channel with our colleagues and friends from Structural Geology. We will upload movies once in a while, some of them will be related to natural hazards, others to paleoseismology:

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