What’s up? The Friday links (15)

The most exciting news this week surely were the media reports that a tsunami destroyed ancient Olympia in Greece, hundreds of years ago. Andreas Vött from Mainz University published a press release at the end of June about his research. Unfortunately, I have only found media coverage in German. The results will be presented at the Corinth2011 conference (registration still open)!

An impressive mudslide video came up from China earlier this week:

The Kermadec Islands in the Pacific suffered a very strong M7.6 earthquake that lead to a tsunami warning for New Zealand. Luckily, nothing happened. See this image from USGS for moment tensors and earthquake location:

Another significant earthquake happened on Thursday evening some 80 km off Corsica in 10 km depth. It reached M5.3, which is a lot in this region. It was felt all over the island (EMSC data):

The were countless reports about an upcoming eruption of Hekla volcano on Iceland. This would be a great and spectacular event including jökulhlaups and steam explosions, most likely. Great to take pictures. However, the media reports were disgusting in some cases. Here’s maybe the best article on how wrong they were: Erik’s Volcano Nightmare. Must read!

Prof. Joyce from the University of Melbourne stated that Mount Gambier Volcano is overdue, too. Will south-western Australia be destroyed then tomorrow? Most likely not.

If you really want to see en volcano erupting, better go to the Etna.

Have a nice weekend!

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