The Iberfault 2014 meeting – 2nd Iberian meeting on Active Faults and Paleoseismology, 22-24 October, Lorca, Spain

After the 1st Iberfault meeting in 2010, the 2nd meeting will take place in Lorca, Spain from 22-24 October, 2014. Any research on active tectonics and paleoseismology in Iberia is welcome, a special focus will be set on the QUAFI database. The conference will be organized by José Martinez Díaz (UCM), Eulàlia Masana (UB) and Miguel A. Rodríguez (IGME). Lorca became famous in 2011 when a shallow MW5.1 earthquake killed 9 people and caused severe damages in the city (there is an ongoing discussion whether or not groundwater lowering for irrigation during the last decades has caused, triggered, or influenced the quake).

The meeting will consist of four main parts:

  1. Scientific sessions;
  2. Planned invited talks;
  3. Expert panel discussions; and
  4. Field trips during and after the meeting.

One field trip is supposed to take place during the meeting, another one is scheduled for the two days following the meeting.


  1. Quaternary  active  faults  in  the  continental  crust.
  2. Quaternary  active  faults  in  offshore  areas.
  3. Archaeoseismology  and  active  faults.
  4. Advanced  techniques  in  the  seismic  characterization  of  active  faults.
  5. The implementation of paleoseismic data into seismic hazard and risk analysis.

Pre-inscription is demanded before 31 January, 2014.

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Christoph Grützner

Christoph Grützner

works at the Institute of Geological Sciences, Jena University. He likes Central Asia and the Mediterranean and looks for ancient earthquakes.

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