The first and only issue of NEOTECTONICS

Which journals do we normally chose for a neotectonics or paleoseismology paper? Sounds like a simple question, but the answer is not straight forward. Often, local journals are a great place, such as The New Zealand Journal of Geology and Geophysics, or society journals such as SRL, BSSA, and Quaternary International. Then there are the usual suspects: JGR, GJI, Tectonics, Tectonophysics, Geomorphology. If the story is a bit bigger we often go for EPSL or even the 4-page journals. Recently, several new players have appeared such as Frontiers or Scientific Reports, and I am also closely following the new diamond open access initiatives We Are Seismica and We Are Tektonika. In 1986, Wiley made an attempt to collect these kinds of studies in one place and launched NEOTECTONICS. Sadly, the journal only saw one single issue and was then discontinued. Today, you don’t find a trace of this journal any more, and searching for the single papers of the issue does not yield any results. Alan Nelson made me aware of the existence of this journal and somehow a copy found its way onto my desk. Here’s the list of papers that was published in the most exclusive of all neotectonics journals:

  • Winslow, M. A. (1986). Editorial.
  • Nelson, A. R., & VanArsdale, R. B. (1986). Recurrent Late Quaternary Movement on the Strawberry Normal Fault, Basin and Range-Colorado Plateau Transition Zone, Utah.
  • Schubert, C. (1986). Origin of the Yaracuy Basin, Boconó-Morón Fault System, Venezuela.
  • Sjöberg, L. E. (1986). Determination of the Land Uplift from Old Water Marks and Tide Gauge Data at Ratan and Lövgrundet/Björn, Sweden.
  • Sato, H., Kosuga, M. & Sheu, H. C. (1986). Secular Crustal Strain in Eastern Taiwan and Its Neotectonic Implication.
  • Mills, H. H. (1986). Possible Differential Uplift of New River Terraces in Southwestern Virginia.
  • Martin, L., Flexor, J.-M., Bittencourt, A. C. S. P., & Dominguez, J. M. L. (1986). Neotectonic Movements on a Passive Continental Margin: Salvador Region, Brazil.

The cover of the one and only issue of Neotectonics.

Do you think that a journal dedicated to neotectonics and paleoseismology would be needed today? Let me know in the comments.

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Christoph Grützner

Christoph Grützner

works at the Institute of Geological Sciences, Jena University. He likes Central Asia and the Mediterranean and looks for ancient earthquakes.

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  • Stefano Gori | 2022-01-10|00:24 (UTC)

    Yes indeed!! In this perspective, I think that the ground of such a journal should be the definition that Dr. Carlo Bosi gave to “Neotectonics”, at the end of the Italian national project “Progetto Finalizzato Geodinamica”, at the beginning of the 90s. Carlo Bosi, unfortunately recently passed away, was probably one of the most significant researchers worldwide on Neotectonics. His works represent mile stones for neotectonics and active tectonics studies in Italy

  • Rich Koehler | 2022-01-10|01:07 (UTC)

    For sure. A journal dedicated to paleoseismology would be awesome.

  • Jefferson Williams | 2022-01-10|04:24 (UTC)

    As long as it is open access, yes.

  • Junjie Ren | 2022-01-27|05:19 (UTC)

    Nice, we really need this journal for this field. It will be nice for the study of active tectonics. I can’t wait.

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