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  • Postdoc position open at the Active Fault & Earthquake Hazard Mitigation Institute, Pukyong National University, S Korea

    Our colleagues from the Active Fault & Earthquake Hazard Mitigation Institute at Pukyong National University in Busan (South Korea) advertise a PostDoc position in their team. Here’s the details:


    Thanks Sambit Prasanajit Naik for sharing!

  • PhD Position in Active Tectonics and Earthquake Geology at the University of Iceland

    Our colleague Gregory De Pascale advertises a PhD position in Iceland:

    Do you want to do your PhD in Earth Sciences and research on an exciting Plate boundary in the North Atlantic? Earthquakes are the outcome of plate tectonic motions and important geological hazards and Iceland is a world class laboratory to study these complex systems. Although abundant modern seismicity including historic damaging events and complex tectonic and volcanic interactions are observed, little is known about the active faults, generally normal and strike slip, in Iceland that are responsible for these earthquakes and have an important control on eruptive centers.
    The HI (i.e. University of Iceland)-based PhD student that will live in Reykjavik and will focus on the active faults in Iceland in a funded 3-year PhD in Geology project under the supervision of Associate Professor Gregory De Pascale. Applicant must be functional in written and spoken English. Start date is second half of 2024. This will be part of the Faculty of Earth Science and the Institute of Earth Sciences based in Reykjavik.