Shaky Ground: Check out the new seismology-fantasy-mystery-science-novel by Sharon Kae Reamer

Shaky Ground is the new novel in Sharon Kae Reamers Schattenreich series. You’ve probably read Primary Fault, so you’re familiar with seismologist Caitlin and her adventures in Cologne. In this case, you will probably head towards your local book store now or you might be happy to find this Amazon link. If not, check out the story about science, fantasy, and the Cologne “Klüngel” and tell us how you liked it in the comment section! You might know the author not only from her novel, but also from her science...As far as I read on Amazon, Shaky Ground is also about fracking in Cologne. Now this is a good reason to read it I guess.


Shaky Ground by Sharon Kae Reamer

Terrae Motus Books


434 pages

ISBN 978-147938946

Available on Amazon and for Kindle.

Note that the digital one is free from 05-09 June!

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