Session on sedimentary records in coastal environments for Nat Haz Assessment at the Sedimentology Meeting in Krakow

The 31st International Association of Sedimentologists Meeting of Sedimentology will be held in Krakow, Poland from 22 – 25 June, 2015.

The session “Application of sedimentary records in coastal environments for natural hazard assessment” aims on  gathering contributions that document the application of sedimentary records of coastal changes (sea level changes) and disasters (storms, tsunamis) into coastal hazard assessment, as well as to present studies focusing on reconstructions of extreme coastal events in the past.


  • Witold Szczuciński
  • Yuichi Nishimura
  • Karl Stattegger

Abstract submission:

Abstract deadline: 28 February, 2015

Session description

The coastal zone belongs to the most populated and exploited environment on the Earth. However, it is also subjected to a number of natural hazards. Many of the hazardous processes are of low frequency (e.g., tsunami, extreme storms) or of long duration (e.g., sea level changes, subsidence, coastal erosion). Thus, historical records are not satisfactory in identification of the endangered areas and assessment of frequency as well as magnitude of catastrophic processes. Geological information, mainly in form of sedimentary records, is therefore critical for improvement of natural hazard assessment. However, identification and correct interpretation the sedimentary evidence of catastrophic events (tsunami, storms), as well as changes caused by long-term processes (sea-level changes) are not straightforward. Despite significant progress and development of new techniques during the last decade many questions in particular related to geological record of coastal floodings remain open.

We welcome contributions from all aspects of coastal sedimentary records. In particular these focused on the record of tsunami, storm and sea level changes from both onshore and offshore studies and incorporating application of sedimentary data in natural hazard assessment.

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