Report on the Mw7.1 Bohol, Philippines earthquake of 15 October 2013 by Stéphane Baize (IRSN)

On 15 October, 2013 a shallow Mw7.1 earthquake occured in Bohol, Philippines. The quake caused more than 200 fatalities and severe damages. Instrumental intensities of VIII – IX were recorded and the USGS estimates the maximum slip to be around 120 cm. Stéphane Baize from the French IRSN created a report not only on the seismological and tectonic background of the earthquake, but also on the earthquake environmental effects (EEEs) that were caused by the event. Some of the EEEs are really spectacular and a closer investigation would help to include the event in the EEE catalogue. EEEs include surface ruptures, liquefaction, lateral spreading, rockfalls, and landslides. The report was meant for internal use in the IRSN originally, but it is of greater interest and can therefore be downloaded here.

See images of the damage here.



Baize, S., Cushing, M., & Hok, S., 2013. The 15/Oct/2013 M7.1 Bohol Earthquake (Philippines). Report for the IRSN, pp. 18.

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