Remembering the 1945 Makran Tsunami – Free book: interviews with survivors

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the Makran Earthquake and Tsunami. On 27 November, 1945, an earthquake of magnitude Mw8.1 occurred at the Makran Subduction Zone offshore Pakistan. A large tsunami was triggered that reached the coasts of Pakistan, Iran, India, and Oman. The quake and the waves left approx. 4,000 people dead. A new book collects interviews with survivors. The book has been published by the UNESCO through its Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission and is available for free download here.

Although not a peer-reviewed scientific publication as such, it is very important as it documents the hazard in the Arabian Sea and reports on direct effects on the local population. The booklet will further be translated to Urdu, Arabic and Hindi.

Our colleagues Noora Al-Balushi, Gösta Hoffmann, and Anne Roepert conducted the interviews in Oman.


Epicentre of the 1945 earthquake


If you are interested in the consequences of the 1945 tsunami, make sure to read Hoffmann et al. (2013).

Tsunami boulder deposits in Ras al-Hadd, Oman

Tsunami boulder deposits in Ras al-Hadd, Oman

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