Presentation on the March 2021 earthquakes in Thessaly, Greece by A. Ganas et al.

The March, 2021 earthquake series in Greece ruptured a previously unmapped fault and caused severe damage in the epicentral area. The largest shock had a magnitude of M6.3. In this presentation, Athanassios Ganas and colleagues summarize their first observations from space geodesy and field evidence of earthquake environmental effects.

Cite the report as:

Ganas, A., Valkaniotis, S., Tsironi, V., Karasante, I., Elias, P., Kapetanidis, V., Kasssaras, I., Papathanassiou, G., & Briole, P. (2021, March). The March 2021 seismic sequence in Larisa – Damasi , Thessaly (central Greece), its seismotectonic characteristics and geodynamic effects. Zenodo.

Also, check out the field report by S. Pavlides and colleagues here.

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