PostDoc position in Quaternary Research/Paleoseismology, Lisboa, Portugal

A postdoctoral position is open at ICIST-IST (Institute for Structural Engineering, Territory and Construction – Instituto Superior Tècnico) under the framework of the project FINDER – Fault Investigation with LiDAR for Earthquake Reassessment, PTDC/CTE-GIX/1138662009, funded by the Portuguese National Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT/MCTES). The position is for one year, applications should be sent to

  • Glenda Besana-Ostman ( or
  • Patricia Pinheiro (

For any information download the flyer here (PDF, English): postdoc2012.

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Christoph Grützner

Christoph Grützner

works at the Institute of Geological Sciences, Jena University. He likes Central Asia and the Mediterranean and looks for ancient earthquakes.

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