Post-Doctoral Position in Tectonics / Structural Geology at IPGP (Paris, France)

The following open position may be of interest for the tectonics community:

The Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris has an opening for a post-doctoral position to
carry out research in tectonics and structural geology. The project (PI: Martine Simoes) is
funded by the Agence Nationale de la Recherche (ANR) to assess active deformation and
seismic hazards in slowly deforming orogens, by quantifying deformation over various timescales,
from long-term geological deformation down in time to short-term processes at the scale
of the seismic cycle. The Western Kunlun mountain range (China) will be considered as a case

The post-doctoral fellow will take an active role in the quantification of deformation across
this mountain range and its foreland basin (the Tarim Basin) over the long-term, i.e. over several
Myr to 10s Myr. The objectives of this work will be to assess active structures, their contribution
to cumulative shortening, the overall shortening rate to be accommodated across the mountain
range and the eventual evolution over time of these parameters. To complete this task, the postdoctoral
fellow will take advantage of the extensive and unique compilation of geological
observations, maps and seismic profiles that our group has recently compiled at the regional
scale. Depending on the obtaining of permits, he/she will also participate to data acquisition in
the field. Based on these data, he/she will build balanced cross-sections and will make an
efficient use of the exceptional sedimentary archives to define the timing of faults from growth
strata, their cumulative shortening and will from there incrementally restore the evolution of
deformation. The acquired knowledge on the long-term kinematics of deformation will also be
used to quantify a first-order thermal structure of the mountain range and its foreland basin.
The candidate will benefit from various interactions and collaborations within the Tectonics
group of the Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris and elsewhere to additionally propose and
develop his/her own line of research.
The post-doctoral fellow will present his/her scientific results in international meetings, and
write scientific papers to be published in peer-reviewed international journals.
Duration / Salary
This Post-Doctoral position is proposed for a duration of 24 months, to be started as early as
September 2019 and at latest by January 2020. Net salary will depend on previous experience
of the candidate, and will average ~25 k€/year.
The candidates should have completed a PhD degree in tectonics or structural geology, with
experience in building and restoring geological cross-sections. The applicants are expected to
send their curriculum and a brief summary of their past research experience and scientific
results to Laurie Barrier ( and Martine Simoes (
The names and contact information of two (or more) referees will also be provided.
Applications are open and will be considered upon reception as long as the position is vacant.
For further information on the position and/or on the project:
Laurie Barrier: – (+33)(0)1 83 95 76 08
Martine Simoes : – (+33)(0)1 83 95 76 26

Thanks Magali for sharing the news!

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