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Paleoseismology field trip at the International Conference on Astronomy & Geophysics in Mongolia, 2017

This meeting in Mongolia will include a very nice paleoseismological field trip! This is the conference website: and here is the announcement:

The Institute of Astronomy and Geophysics (IAG) of the Mongolian Academy of Sciences invites colleagues, geoscientists, researchers, and international experts from around the world to attend the “The International Conference on Astronomy & Geophysics in Mongolia, 2017” and we hope that you enjoy the scientific program and field-excursion, as well as the hospitality in capital Ulaanbaatar and field-excursions!
The conference will have two sections. The main section will be held in Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia, between 20 and 22 July of 2017 including the celebration of 60th anniversary of IAG, plenary session, oral and poster sessions. The field section “Field-excursion to Mogod co-seismic fault rupture area” (1967/01/05, Mw=7.1) will be held at Mogod soum of Bulgan province, Mongolia between 23 and 26 July, 2017.

During the main section, there will be the celebration of 60th anniversary of establishment of IAG. We celebrate the year of 1957 as a year of the establishment of astronomical and geophysical science in Mongolia, when the first seismic station and construction of first astronomical observatory at Hureltogoot site, Ulaanbaatar, was installed by the decision of the Government of Mongolia. This strategically important, wise and courageous initiative was a valuable contribution to the International science campaign organized around the world in frame of The Year of Geophysics announced by United Nations in 1957.
Our Institute, as a unique organization in Mongolia specialized in the research field of Astronomy and Geophysics. Also, the year of 1957 is a memorable year because of the great Gobi-Altay earthquake (1957/12/04, Mw=8.0). We are sure that many of you remember our 1st International conference in 2007 at Ulaanbaatar dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the Research Center of Astronomy and Geophysics of Mongolian Academy of Sciences (our Institute’s former name) and the conference of commemorating 50 years of Gobi-Altay earthquake with the field trip along the Gobi Altay fault.
“The second International Conference on Astronomy & Geophysics in Mongolia” in Ulaanbaatar and the “Field-excursion to Mogod active fault area” will reinforce international cooperation between participants and with Mongolian scientists.

We have great pleasure to welcome you to Mongolia for this Conference and we trust that you will enjoy it. We are looking forward to a successful meeting with fruitful discussions and sustainable networking for the future all over the world. Please see call-proposal-sessions as follows:

Astronomy Session:

  • A.1: Astronomy, astrophysics and space science

Geophysical Sessions: The case of Central Asia and intra-continental regions

  • S.1: Seismicity
  • S.2: Large intra-continental earthquakes: Source characteristics, surface ruptures, paleoseismology, deep structure
  • S.3: Crustal and lithosphere structures.
  • S.4: Attenuation/Ground motion and site effects.
  • S.5: Active deformation and seismic hazard assessment
  • G.1: Geomagnetism

We organize a sightseeing field-excursion to the highly preserved surface ruptures of the Mogod earthquakes (M7.1, 1967) and place of paleoseismological new investigation. The accommodation will be in the field campus, which allow you enjoying Mongolian untouched nature. We will also visit the historic place of the Orkhon Valley Cultural Landscape.
Detailed information will be provided later on.
Welcome to “The International Conference on Astronomy & Geophysics in Mongolia”.
We look forward to seeing you in Ulaanbaatar.
Yours sincerely,
DEMBEREL S, Director of IAG, MAS

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works at the Institute of Geological Sciences, Jena University. He likes Central Asia and the Mediterranean and looks for ancient earthquakes.

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