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Paleoseismicity.org relaunched

Dear friends of paleoseismicity.org,

we have relaunched our website a few days ago and I am very, very happy! Martin did a great job and basically built everything from scratch. The old website had grown over the years and became more and more complicated as we added new features every now and then. So we decided it’s time for something new and – voilà.

The Blog

The blog posts didn’t change much. We went for a larger headline picture for each post, mainly because the old stretched 1:3 format often did not really fit the images that we wanted to show. Instead of the map at the end of the post we now present links to related articles.

The Network

The Network, formerly known as The Directory, has been improved a lot. Now it’s more clear and easier to be searched. We added some more fields with links to social media profiles. Especially the younger researchers make extensive use of this form of communication. So now you can link to your Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and Twitter accounts. Of course everyone can add websites, mail and email contact details. We are currently thinking about adding ResearchGate, GoogleScholar and Academia accounts – do you think that would be useful?

If you want yourself to be included in the Network list, please contact us by filling this form and provide the data that you want to see included. We will of course never forward your details to anybody else. If you want to tell us about some updates, please also contact us.

The Events

Our list of paleoseismology-related conferences now has a great new feature – you can sort the events by upcoming deadlines. Again, if you miss an event, please suggest it to us.

Social media

Our Facebook group is running well and we really enjoy the discussions and your shared articles. More than 800 people like us and another ~600 follow us on Twitter. We have set up a Google+ account, too. Despite the fact that Google+ never reached as many people as the other major network did (and probably will never reach…), a large number of earth scientist is really active here. It seems like the discussions there are more serious and it has some nice extra features. Also, we started a group on LinkedIn. And of course, you can order our RSS feed.

The Newsletter

Martin implemented another great feature that we felt was missing – make sure to subscribe to our newsletter service! By subscribing you will receive approximately every 4 weeks a condensed overview of everything what happened on the blog, what we shared on Facebook or Google +, whate we tweeted and what happens in the world of paleoseismology and beyond.


Martin put a lot of effort into this website and we have some running costs, too. Therefore we decided to include some modest advertisements. You can not see anything yet, because we don’t want to place random, unrelated banners. Instead, we offer to place customized ads in the sidebar or somewhere else. If you are interested in advertising on our site, please contact us for details. Martin also helps with branding, layouting etc.

The future

Paleoseismicity.org has currently 16 authors that contribute posts every now and then. We will continue blogging about research projects, field work, earthquake geology, papers, books, conferences and all that stuff related to old earthquakes. If you like or dislike what we do, drop us a mail or leave a comment. If you would like to contribute – you are very welcome to join us!


So long,


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Christoph Grützner

Christoph Grützner

works at the Institute of Geological Sciences, Jena University. He likes Central Asia and the Mediterranean and looks for ancient earthquakes.

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