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NSF-sponsored workshop on Future Directions in Tectonics

Future research in tectonics and structural geology is the focus of an NSF-sponsored workshop to be held in Madison, Wisconsin on July 22-24, 2015 – aimed to assemble a diverse range of earth scientists to identify pertinent and promising areas of new research, recognize and prioritize infrastructure needs that are necessary to making scientific progress, and articulate the societal relevance of research in tectonics and structural
geology in the 21st Century. The vision articulated at the workshop will be captured in a white paper, the first of its kind since 2004, that will inform our science community, funding agencies, elected officials, and the general public.

Such white papers, when representative of the community, can be of significant help to funding agencies such as NSF in setting priorities for future programs. See the recent issue of GSA’s SG&T newsletter for additional background (

We need your participation in order to make this effort a success. Please set aside time this summer to help shape the future of tectonics and structure research!

When: July 22-24, 2015, tentatively scheduled from noon Wednesday to noon Friday.
Where: Weeks Hall, campus of University of Wisconsin – Madison

Workshop participation: The goal is to be as inclusive as possible and all who are interested are invited to attend. Financial support for travel/lodging is available for a limited number (~70) of participants. Workshop discussions will be streamed live so that those who cannot make it can still participate online.

To express interest in attending or to apply for travel support, go to:

Additional input from the community
Pre-workshop: Please share your suggestions on format and discussion topics here:

Post-workshop participation will also be sought via:
1) Discussion groups (e.g. webinars);
2) Town hall meetings at GSA and AGU meetings; and
3) An open comment period on the draft of the white paper.

The organizing committee will begin finalizing the content and format of the workshop and the participant list beginning June 3rd, so please provide feedback and express interest in attending by this date. This will also serve as the deadline for applying for travel support to attend the workshop.

Organizers: R. Allmendinger, M. Clark, R. Dorsey, P. Kapp, K. Mahan, J. Spotila



The organizers encourage international participation and researchers of all levels are welcome to apply!

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Andreas Rudersdorf

Andreas Rudersdorf

loves finding and exploring faults using remote sensing and shallow geophysics. No matter if slowly active, buried or just undiscovered! He is studing neotectonics in the Gobi desert at RWTH Aachen University.

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