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New report on the Napa Earthquake available, update on amount of afterslip

Our colleague Tim Dawson from the California Geological Survey (CGS) pointed me to this website, where reports and data on the Napa Earthquake of 24 August, 2014, are collected. There is a new document available for download, the EERI report at the top of the page, which adds some previously unpublished information, especially on the observed afterslip. Tim writes that “afterslip along the central 6-7 km of the rupture is about 35 cm (whereas it was initially only about 20 cm the day of the earthquake).” The afterslip seems to be still ongoing and is monitored with InSAR.

Napa EQ shakemap

Napa EQ shakemap

For those of you attending AGU, make sure to check out the Napa EQ Poster Session for latest information.

Thanks, Tim!

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