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New report by ISPRA et al. on field evidence of on-fault effects due to the Amatrice earthquake

Lead by ISPRA, scientists from Italy, UK, and Norway have conducted field surveys and remote sensing to analyse the earthquake environmental effects of the 24 August, 2016, Amatrice Earthquake. The team has produced a 31-pages report that covers mainly field work results and INSAR data on ground deformation. Great photos of the surface ruptures!

Download the report here: PDF, 6.9 MB


  • Piccardi L., CNR, Florence, Italy
  • Blumetti A.M., Comerci V., Di Manna P., Fumanti F., Guerrieri L., Leoni G., Pompili R., Vittori E., ISPRA, Istituto Superiore Per La Protezione e la Ricerca Ambientale, Roma, Italy
  • Ferrario F., Frigerio C., Livio F., Michetti A.M., University of Insubria, Como, Italy
  • Bonadeo L., Assegno Di Ricerca c/o INGV, Sezione Roma 1, Italy
  • Brunamonte F., Professional Geologist
  • Sani F., University of Florence, Italy
  • Tondi E., University of Camerino, Italy
  • Wedmore L., Roberts G., Faure-Walker J., Iezzi F., Mildon Z., Birkbeck and University College, London, UK
  • Gregory L., Phillips R., Walters R., University of Leeds, UK
  • McCaffrey K., Wilkinson M., University of Durham
  • Cowie P., University of Bergen, Norway
  • Rhodes E., Sheffield University, UK
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