New papers on paleoseismology, earthquakes, and active tectonics (Oct 2018)

These are the latest papers on paleoseismology, active tectonics and tsunami, including a special issue on the Alpine Fault in New Zealand. Enjoy!


…and: A whole Special Issue in NZJGG on the Tricentenary of the Alpine Fault Earthquake:

Special issue: Tercentenary of the 1717 great Alpine Fault earthquake: advances in science and understanding hazards. Guest Editors: Phaedra Upton, Ursula Cochran, Caroline Orchiston, Jamie Howarth, Jarg Pettinga, John Townend

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Christoph Grützner

Christoph Grützner

works at the Institute of Geological Sciences, Jena University. He likes Central Asia and the Mediterranean and looks for ancient earthquakes.

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  • Josechu | 2018-10-03|18:21 (UTC)

    Hi Chistoph. Thank you for this nice list.

    We just published this paper. It could e interesting to include it in the list, if you agree and if it is yet possible

    Martínez-Díaz, J.J., Alonso-Henar, J., Insua-Arévalo, J.M., Canora, C., García-Mayordomo, J., Rodríguez-Escudero, E. Álvarez-Gómez, J.A., Ferrater, M., Ortuño, M. and Masana, E. (2018) Geological evidences of surface rupture related to a 17th century destructive earthquake in Betic Cordillera (SE Spain): Constraining the seismic hazard of the Alhama de Murcia Fault. Journal of Iberian Geology, doi: 10.1007/s41513-018-0082-




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