New papers on paleoseismology and active tectonics (July 2018)

A lot of interesting papers have been published in the past month, including studies on recent moderate to strong earthquakes, geomorphology, fault physics, and some classic paleoseismology. These are the latest articles on paleoseismology and active tectonics – enjoy!

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Christoph Grützner

Christoph Grützner

works at the Institute of Geological Sciences, Jena University. He likes Central Asia and the Mediterranean and looks for ancient earthquakes.

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  • OKSANA LUNINA | 2018-07-04|07:06 (UTC)

    Christoph, hello!
    Thank you very much for the new list of publication on paleoseismology and active tectonics!
    A note: in paper “Earthquake recurrence models and occurrence probabilities of strong earthquakes in the North Aegean Trough (Greece)” you give first names of authors (not family name as it is usual, of course it is not so important to read the paper, just if you will use in your reference list for an article). Have a nice summer and field work!

  • Christoph Grützner | 2018-07-04|07:19 (UTC)

    Oh, thanks! Corrected.
    All the best

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