New papers & books: Tsunamis, active faults, liquefaction, tectonics & coastal change

Several new papers were recently published in the fields of tsunami research, tectonics, and liquefaction. Also, a new book on active faults is available. Let’s have a look what can be added to your book shelf or to your Christmas wish list:


A new special issue on tsunami was published in Earth, Planets and Space:
Vol 64-10: Tsunami: Science, Technology, and Disaster Mitigation. I haven’t read them all, but I am going to check the following ones:

Active faults

The new book Active Faults of the World, by Robert S. Yeats has been published some days ago (Cambridge University Press). The book is accompanied by three supplements available online and it is a kind of active fault encyclopedia of the world. Whenever I’ll need a quick information on active faults in any part of the world, this is where I will look first. The supplements include:

  • a video on the Cascadia rupture series (2012),
  • a movie on the N.E. Pacific and W. North America Plate Tectonic History 38-0 Ma,
  • a table of historical events with surface ruptures,
  • explanatory notes,
  • all figures.

Active Faults of the World, by Robert S. Yeats


Coastal Change

Enjoy your reading!

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