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The Japan earthquake and tsunami have hit Japan harder than we could have imagined. Thousands are still missing, the death toll climbs and climbs, a nuclear disaster might happen or already happened, depending on who you ask, and the economical damages are incredibly high. Not only Japan was affected, but other countries as well feel the effects. Germany, for example, shut down seven of it’s oldest nuclear power plants and there’s a big debate on earthquakes and risks. The Geoblogosphere is still discussing lessons, estimations and consequences, and so are the official media. Here are some reports and opinions you should not miss.Christie Row about “Earthquake triggering, and why we don’t know where the next big one will strike

Jody about “Simon Winchester in Newsweek-bad science

Susan Hough about “The magnitude of the Problem” and Earthquake prediction

History of Geology about “Tsunamis in the geological record

Michael Welland about “Ignoring tsunami records: hubris, complacency, or just human nature?

Brian Atwater about “Unearthing Ancient Tsunamis

Manuel Sintubin about foreshocks and aftershocks (in Dutch)

Media reports on earthquake hazards in Germany, with special focus on nuclear power plants:

SpiegelOnline (in German)

Klaus Lehmann from the Geological Survey of Northrhine Westphalia (in German)

Netherlands TV (in Dutch, from 21.00 min)

Media coverage on tsunami hazard in Oman:

Zawiya (English)

Gulf News (English)

Al Watan (Arabic, pdf-file)

Oman Observer:

Times of Oman:

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  • Damian | 2011-12-17|07:35 (UTC)

    Japan earthquake really shattered me and the city faced really gloomy situation.

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