ISPRA volume “Earthquake Environmental Effect for seismic hazard assessment: the ESI intensity scale and the EEE Catalogue”

Earthquake Environmental Effects (EEE) have proven to be valuable for describing past earthquakes and their geological imprints. The ESI2007 is a relatively new intensity scale dedicated to such effects, but also integrating traditional macroseismic scales. Examples of ESI2007 intensities assigned to large earthquakes are being collected in the EEE web catalogue hosted by the ISPRA and ESI2007-related work is conducted in the framework of INQUA.

Another milestone now has been achieved with the ISPRA volume “Earthquake Environmental Effect for seismic hazard assessment: the ESI intensity scale and the EEE Catalogue”. This book is now available online here. It contains updates on the ESI2007, examples of applications, documentation of the EEE Android App, a huge reference list and, most importantly, the ESI2007 description in ten languages:

English, Italian, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Russian, Greek, Dutch, and Korean. If you prefer downloading a PDF, please find it here. If you need hard-copies of the volume, especially for dissemination of the ESI scale in your country, please contact Luca Guerrieri: luca {dot} guerrieri {at} isprambiente {dot} it




Guerrieri, L.


Audemard F., Azuma T., Baiocco F., Baize S., Blumetti A.M., Brustia E., Clague J., Comerci V., Esposito E., Guerrieri L., Gurpinar A., Grützner C., Jin K., Kim Y.S., Kopsachilis V., Lucarini M., Mc Calpin J., Michetti A.M., Mohammadioun B., Morner N.A., Okumura K., Ota Y., Papathanassiou G., Pavlides S., Perez López R., Porfido S., Reicherter K., Rodríguez Pascua M.A., Roghozin E., Scaramella A., Serva L., Silva P.G., Sintubin M., Tatevossian R. & Vittori E.

Scientific Committee

Michetti A.M., Reicherter K., Serva L. & Silva P.G.



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