Guest blog by Elisa Kagan: New book on the Dead Sea Transform

A new book on the Dead Sea Transform has been published by Springer:


Together with Prof. Zvi Garfunkel and Prof. Zvi Ben-Avraham, I am a co-editor of this book. The book focuses on various aspects of the fault system, from geophysics, to tectonics, paleolimnology, hydrology, seismicity, and PALEOSEISMICITY. Most relevant to this blog are the papers by Agnon and by Marco & Klinger.

  • Shmulik Marco and Yann Klinger review in a new light the on-fault paleoseismic studies carried out along the DST.
  • Amotz Agnon delves into the off-fault seismite archives (lake, cave).

Here is a link to the book on the Springer site:


  1. Geophysical Studies of the Crustal Structure Along the Southern Dead Sea Fault – Zvi Ben-Avraham
  2. Geophysical Studies of the Lithosphere Along the Dead Sea Transform – Michael Weber, Khalil Abu-Ayyash, Zvi Ben-Avraham, Sungchan Choi, Jaser Darwish, Radwan El-Kelani, Zvi Garfunkel, Hans-Jurgen Gotze, Abraham Hofstetter, Ivan Koulakov, Gabi Laske, James Mechie, Uwe Meyer, Ayman Mohsen, Alexei Petrunin, Ernesto Meneses Rioseco, Trond Ryberg, Georg Rumpker, and Stephan V. Sobolev
  3. The Seismogenic Thickness in the Dead Sea Area – Freddy Aldersons and Zvi Ben-Avraham
  4. The Dead Sea Transform and the Volcanism in Northwestern Arabia – Yishai Weinstein and Zvi Garfunkel
  5. Lateral Motion and Deformation Along the Dead Sea Transform – Zvi Garfunkel
  6. Pleistocene Strain Partitioning During Transpression Along the Dead Sea Transform, Metulla Saddle, Northern Israel – Ram Weinberger
  7. Review of On-fault Palaeoseismic Studies Along the Dead Sea Fault- Shmuel Marco and Yann Klinger
  8. Pre-Instrumental Earthquakes Along the Dead Sea Rift – Amotz Agnon
  9. Instrumental Data on the Seismic Activity Along the Dead Sea Transform – Abraham Hofstetter, Catherine Dorbath, and Louis Dorbath
  10. The Evolution of Neogene-Quaternary Water-Bodies in the Dead Sea Rift Valley – Mordechai Stein
  11. The Story of Saline Water in the Dead Sea Rift – The Role of Runoff and Relative Humidity – Abraham Starinsky and Amitai Katz


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