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Not EGU, but Baelo2009 conference. The EGU General Assembly 2011 will take place in Vienna from April, 3 – 8. Deadline for financial support is December, 3. Young scientist can apply for support to attend the meeting, see here for details. Abstract submission is possible online until January, 10. Please note that due to the increasing number of no-shows in the last meetings the EGU committee decided to introduce an abstract submission fee of 40€! In exchange, the registration is 40€ cheaper. Pre-registration will be possible until February, 28.

Again, there are a number of sessions that are related to paleoseismicity:

Session TS8.1/SM2.5 – Earthquake Geology. Convened by Riccardo Caputo and Spyros Pavlides

Session TS8.3/SM2.11 – Unearthing earthquakes from the past: perpective and limits of Paleoseismology. Convened by Paolo Galli and Paolo Messina

Session SM2.1/GD2.12/TS8.6 -New developements and Results on Seismotectonics. Convened by Mourad Bezzeghoud and Elisa Buforn

Session TS4.3/GM5.6/SM2.3 – Geomorphology of active faulting. Convened by Ronald Van Balen and Klaus Reicherter

Session GM8.4/OS3.6/SSP1.6/TS4.7 – Seafloor Expression of Tectonic and Geomorphic Processes. Convened by Sebastian Krastel, John K. Hillier, C.L. Jacobs and Dina Vachtman

Session SM1.4/EG12/G6.5/GD2.10/GM5.8/TS4.8 – TOPOEUROPE, The Evolving Topography of Europe. Convened by Sierd Cloetingh, Josep Gallart and Jörg Ebbing

Session GM5.1/TS4.9 – Tectonic geomorphology and landscape evolution processes.
Convened by Todd A. Ehlers and Eric Kirby

Session TS6.1/G3.3/GD5.4/SM1.5 – The Alpine-Himalayan convergence zone: from the Mediterranean to SE Asia. Convened by Rob Govers, Claudio Faccenna, Alastair Robertson and Laurent Jolivet

Session TS8.2/G3.6/GD2.14/NH4.6/SM2.4 – The Imprint of the Earthquake Cycle in Crustal Deformation. Convened by Javed Malik, Mustapha Meghraoui and Ziyadin CAKIR

…and many more. Do you miss a session in this list? Tell us!

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Christoph Grützner

Christoph Grützner

works at the Institute of Geological Sciences, Jena University. He likes Central Asia and the Mediterranean and looks for ancient earthquakes.

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