Earthquake Geo Survey App reached 500 downloads

The Earthquake Geosurvey App by George Papathanassiou and Vasilis Kopsachilis has reached 500 downloads – congratulations! The App allows mapping earthquake environmental effects in post-earthquake surveys and is currently available for Android. An iOS version will come soon. Find more information about the app here at the official homepage or visit Google Play for download. The App was released recently and presented during the 4th PATA Days conference in Aachen. You can download the paper here (pdf, 220 kb): Papathanassiou and Kopsachilis 2013 – Earthquake Geosurvey, an application for reporting earthquake-induced environmental effects.

The App also allows to transfer the recorded data to the EEE Catalogue hosted by ISPRA. This GoogleEarth-based catalogue is used to collect all available data on earthquake environmental effects (EEE). The database will help to derive information about scaling relationships between the ESI-07 and other macroseismic intensity scales. Also, it may be possible to find correlations between EQ parameters, local geology and EEEs.

Some more info on mapping EEEs and the App can be found over at

This is what the App looks like:

Earthquake Geo Survey V1.0.

The ESI form.

Different types of EEEs can be mapped.


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