Earthquake Engineering and Seismology Summer Course in Iceland 2013

The following mail reached us today:

A new International Graduate Summer Course in Iceland 2013:

Iceland, 30 May – 21 June 2013

NOTE: Application deadline is 8 March 2013

The course (7.5 ECTS) is held in the wake of three strong earthquakes in South Iceland in 2000 and 2008, and the recent earthquake sequence in North Iceland in 2012. The goal is to provide the participants with knowledge and understanding of the multi-disciplinary nature of earthquake effects on the man-made environment. This includes addressing the various effects of the earthquake source, source-site geometry, wave propagation, site effects, and structural behavior during damaging earthquakes, and how this information is applied in conceptual and codified design according to EUROCODE 8. Participants will also obtain first-hand experience in measuring earthquake waves and monitoring structural vibrations.

The course is held in Selfoss, in the South Iceland Seismic Zone. Additionally, and included in the course is a four-day field excursion to the town of Husavik in North Iceland, which is situated atop the largest active transform fault in the country. The focus of this classroom-on-wheels is on all aspects of earthquake engineering concern for an urban area exposed to large earthquakes.

The course is tailor-made for civil engineering students, but mathematically oriented geoscience students are especially encouraged to apply as well.

Application deadline is 8 March 2013.
For more information visit:

Download the flyer here.

If you’re interested, apply now!


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