Call for contributions to textbook ‘Structural Geology and Tectonics: Problems and Solutions’

Our colleague Åke Fagereng from Cardiff University will edit a textbook on problems in structural geology and tectonics together with Soumyajit Mukherjee and Andrea Billi. The editors invite contributions from the tectonics community. Perhaps you have a nice active tectonics exercise to share? Here is the announcement:

Dear tectonic community,

An edited book: “Structural Geology and Tectonics: Problems and Solutions” has been approved by Elsevier under the editorial of Soumyajit Mukherjee (IIT Bombay), Andrea Billi (CNR, National Research Council) and Ake Fagereng (Cardiff University).

We invite submissions to the book from the structural geology and tectonics community. Please send expression of interests along with tentative titles to Soumyajit: soumyajitm@gmail.comby the end of March 2017. Contributing authors may submit multiple chapters, but no more than six problems per author.

Do not reproduce published problems (and solutions) from textbooks. Rather, the aim is to provide new problems and solutions that can be taught in the tectonics and structural geology classroom. You might have thought about such problems while writing research papers in new directions, but did not elaborate on them. Such problems can be presented here. Students, especially those interested in a research career, need to enhance problem-solving skills. This book would meet that requirement.

In their chapters, authors should provide an introduction to the subject (including sufficient geological and mathematical background) so that undergraduate students can solve problems without consulting books other than basic undergraduate-level textbooks. Chapter length, along with figure captions and references need to be within 10 pages in double spacing and maximum 5 figures. Please cite papers that present detail of the theory involved.

Multidisciplinary and/or industrial problems on structure and tectonics are welcome. This would include, but is not restricted to, geophysics, sedimentology, metamorphic geology etc. The problems and solutions could be, but are not restricted to, the varieties listed below. We understand the division presented below do have overlaps.

  1. Ductile deformation (such as strain analyses)
  2. Brittle deformation (such as rock fracturing)
  3. Brittle-ductile deformation (could be a thin chapter)
  4. Collisional/shortening tectonics (such as thrust-related exercises)
  5. Rift/extensional tectonics
  6. Strike-slip tectonics
  7. Miscellaneous (such as cross-section balancing exercises, transpression and transtension, volcano-tectonics, salt-tectonics, tectonics and sedimentation, soft-sediment deformation, etc.; we may expand or divide this into some more section depending on the kind of submissions received.)

Time plan:

  1. Submission of contributions:                          till February 2018.
  2. Annotated materials delivered to Elsevier: May last week, 2018

III.       Book publication:                                           August 2018

Do let us know if other clarifications are required.


Ake (on behalf of the editors)

You can also follow Åke on Twitter and make sure to check out his blog.

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